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  • Chase bass in plastic boats
    With bass available in almost all areas of Louisiana except the extreme coastal regions, kayak anglers are finding unlimited areas to fish.
  • Jakes: Shoot or not?
    Some veteran turkey hunters would never shoot a jake, but a novice would no doubt be thrilled to bag one. Should you shoot jakes?
  • Never give up! that big speck won’t
    More often than not, patience in letting a bite develop or changing techniques to target certain parts of the water column, has directly led to success.
  • Sometimes, it takes all season to have deer-hunting success
    Some deer seasons, everything seems to go right, but others are a test of persistence. This hunter’s frustrating season turned into a success.
  • The Crappie Weapon
    Sac-a-lait fisherman and artificial lure manufacturer Capt. Clyde Folse shares what makes The Crappie Weapon so successful on the water.

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