Other Hunting

330 frogs

David Hanson, Stihl Smith, Bill Petrus, Sherman Foote and Dustin Campbell hunted on a private cypress brake in Caldwell Parish that led to 330 frogs. […]

Apex Predator

Apex Predator: Daytime bullfrog spearing

Hunting massive bullfrogs during the daytime is one of my favorite summertime activities. After shooting many frogs with my bowfishing rig, I wanted to take the experience to the next level: So this year I went after them caveman-style with my throwing spear. […]

Other Hunting

Greg Hackney Hunting Coons with Dogs

If you like to hunt year round there are a few options you can take advantage. One of those activities is raccoon hunting with dogs. With a year-round open season on racoons, the Sportsman TV set out on a night time coon hunt recently. […]