Louisiana Sportsman Frequently Asked Questions

Louisiana Sportsman Magazine Subscription Login

If you purchased a magazine subscription to Louisiana Sportsman and this is your first time logging in click “LOG IN“.  If that button shows “MY ACCOUNT” then you are already logged in and have full access to all of our content.

Reading articles, if you are reading articles and see a count down overlay, then you will need to “LOG IN

If you forgot your password click the reset password button.

If you reset your password and it still does not let you login please delete your browsing history and try again.

To manage your magazine subscription account (change phone number, email, or address) click here.

How do I activate my Magazine Subscriber Classifieds Bundle?

If you are a new or existing Louisiana Sportsman Magazine subscriber and want to activate your 5 free classified posts, click here to login.

  • Click the my account button
  • On your my account dashboard you’ll see a red button that says “GET YOUR FREE SUBSCRIBER MEMBERSHIP” click that
  • Then you’ll see a yellow highlighted option that says “Magazine Subscribers-Free ads just for subscribers” Click that and scroll down.
  • It will ask for your credit card information again but YOUR CARD WILL not be charged. This is just to link your account
  • Click Pay Now and Click Go to my account to post your 5 free classified ads!

Classifieds Login

To view a list of our individual and business classifieds options click here.

If you are interested in posting a classified ad follow the instructions below.

  1. First go to the Homepage of our website. Click the classifieds tab
  2. You will see a red button in the top left corner that says “login post your ad”. Once you click the red button it will ask you for your login information
  3. Enter your credentials. Your username is your email address. Enter the password you would like to use.
  4. If you do not have a classifieds account and would like to register this is where you will click register now.
  5. Fill out the registration information and follow the email instructions.
  6. If you forgot your password to your classifieds account please click here to reset it.

To view the status of your classifieds account click the MY ACCOUNT BLACK BUTTON at the top right hand corner of our website. This is where your dashboard, listings, and personal information is. If you are NOT Logged in the button will read login. If you ARE logged in the button will read MY ACCOUNT.

If you want to cancel your classifieds account follow the steps below

1.) Click the classifieds tab and click Login to post your ad

2.) Click My Account

3.) On your dashboard you will see a red button that says “remove card”

4.) Click the remove card button and that’s all you need to do. No further action is required.

If you need additional assistance please email us at classifieds@lasmag.com

Tide Guide Monthly Print Outs

Visit our tide guide page and make your location selection.

Once on the page, you will see the tide for today.

To print a monthly calendar, scroll down and click the Plot Calendar button. this will give you the current month in a calendar format that you can print, click the Printer View, then Print.
Example Printout

If you would like future months, you can select the dates from the Option section, then click the Plot Calendar button.