Deer Hunting

How to age white-tailed deer

Dave Moreland, the former deer study leader with Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, wrote a series of “how to” deer-aging instruction columns for Louisiana Sportsman. He believes there is no reason for a hunter […]

Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing

Fish Lake Bruin like a pro

One of the most fascinating things weekend bass tournament fishermen can witness is professional anglers picking apart their local lakes when major tournaments roll into town.


Bassmaster Elite Series pro Keith Combs said a topwater frog is a great all-around lure for shallow wintertime bass.
Bass Fishing

Top 3 wintertime bass baits

Nothing like topwater frog explosions Bassmaster Elite Series pro Keith Combs has to put fish in the boat year round, but he experiences what every other angler does during the summer: Tough fishing, when five […]

A little retrofitting with new hooks on your lures could mean a difference in the number of fish you catch.
Bass Fishing

Hooking it up – How to change hard bait hooks

You buy a bait, remove it from the packaging, tie it to your line and make a cast. Everything should work as expected, right? Yeah, that’s generally how it goes; and as long as you’re selecting reputable products, you should expect reasonable teamwork between the piece that attracts a fish and the piece(s) that make them regret their mistake.


Deer of the Year

  • Keith Suire shot this big Beauregard Parish 10-pointer on Nov. 7. The buck green-scored north of 150 inches.
  • Brantley Ray of Mound nailed this big Madison Parish 13-pointer at 200 yards on Nov. 10.
  • Shayne Williams of Walker dropped this big Tensas Parish 8-pointer on Dec. 4.
  • Heath Hodges and his big 20-point Mississippi buck.

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