Deer Hunting

What’s in your deer pack?

Deer hunting has not been immune from advances in technology and tactics. Hunters run the gamut from bringing nothing more than a weapon and a pair of boots to an organized pack that contains everything but the kitchen sink. […]

Freshwater Fishing

These 7 tips will improve your long-line trolling

Like spider-rigging, having success in long-line trolling takes dedication in order to get a system that works for your boat and your setup. Try these seven tips will help you become a better long liner.

• Don’t stop. Unlike tight-lining, in long-lining, the speed of the boat determines the depth of the baits/lures. Stopping over underwater cover too long will cause you to lose your religion when every line hangs up at once.



6 ways to keep bait, fish alive longer

Whether the fish you’re trying to keep healthy are in the bait tank or in the livewell, there are several tricks that you can use to keep them alive  — or at least tasty — during the summer, and they all boil down to one thing: oxygen levels. Once you understand how to control and manipulate oxygen levels or the fish’s intake of oxygen, keeping them alive isn’t that hard. Here are six tips:


Deer Hunting

How to age a deer

Many hunters have been in their deer stand and “something” steps into a field or shooting lane. The typical scenario is a buck on the prowl, usually at a considerable distance and in low light conditions.



How to hook a minnow

While fishing a Crappie Masters tournament several years ago, an observer asked veteran angler Whitey Outlaw about the way he hooked a minnow on his jig. […]