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  • Late-season scrapes and rubs
    As we transition from the holiday season into the New Year, we deer hunters find ourselves entering the fourth quarter, so to speak, of the 2015/2016 season.
  • Lure Review: Bayou Bug 2.0
    One of the soft-plastic lures that launched Cajun Lures six years ago has a new look. Bayou Bug 2.0 has arrived, and it is catching bass.
  • Plant trees for your deer
    A good forest survey or inventory will tell you what trees make up your forest and what species you might want to plant for deer.
  • Sheepshead: Don’t overlook these fish
    The most-underrated saltwater fish in Louisiana has to be the sheepshead. The good news for kayak anglers is that they are hard fighters.
  • Species spotlight: Striped bass
    Striped bass are targeted by thousands and thousands of anglers. They are not in the same family as largemouth or smallmouth bass.

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