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Field Notes - July 2019

  • 11 tips for mopping up on post-spawn crappie
    Tim Bye knows crappie still feed in the post-spawn —if you know how to target them. Here are his tips to putting together enough fish for dinner.
  • 7 steps to clean trout
    Nobody likes cleaning the day’s catch. But you’ll burn through these 7 steps to clean speckled trout and get these fish ready for the freezer or dinner.
  • 8 tips for great bream fishing
    Try out veteran angler Freddie McMullen's tips for great bream fishing to up your success and fill that cooler with slab-sized sunfish.
  • Old-school jetty trout-fishing tactic
    It’s no secret that jetties attract speckled trout, which hide in the rocks and feed on bait washing by. Here's how you can find fishing spots on the rocks.
  • The best thing you can do when fishing topwaters
    Nothing is more exhilarating than catching speckled trout on topwater lures — and nothing is more maddening than missing fish. Here's what you need to do.
  • Try your luck… after dark
    How you go about night fishing can spell the difference between a successful outing and losing sleep. Keep these five steps in mind.

Hot Spots - July 2019

  • Back to Shell Beach
    Some advice from Capt. Jacques Laboureur on where Shell Beach anglers are catching speckled trout and redfish despite the spreading fresh water.
  • Toledo Bend: Fish Lily pads for summer bass
    Since lily pads offer bass more cover than anything else in the lake, they should hold the key to getting bit in July at Toledo Bend.
  • Toledo Bend’s slab sac-a-lait smackdown
    Sac-a-lait have transitioned to deeper structures along the submerged Sabine River channel. Here’s where and how to catch these freshwater fish.