Features from January 2020

Columns - January 2020

  • A look at 2020’s new bows
    These three bow manufacturers have great additions for 2020.
  • Look out the ‘window’
    Big speckled trout have particular times they feed during the moon cycle. Pay attention to your success and pinpoint when that big-fish feeding window is.
  • Rising pressure bucks
    Stalk hunting with a recurve bow is one of the hardest types of hunting, but it can be very productive in the right conditions.
  • Species spotlight: Crappie
    Crappie are one of the most popular gamefish among anglers in America. Many anglers don’t realize it, but crappie come in two varieties: black and white.
  • The Mega Matrix
    The Mega Matrix, which fits in between the 2-inch Matrix Mini, the original 3-inch Matrix Shad and the 5-inch Monster Matrix, works great on redfish.
  • The rut is where it’s at
    The combination of January’s cold weather and lack of native forages will have the deer active and eating in the green patches and at feeders.
  • Traditional fishing spots, unconventional ways
    Capt. Charlie Bush, who tagged a little over 12,000 speckled trout in 4 years for the TAG Louisiana Trout tagging program, shares his top 5 fishing lures.
  • Winter kayak fishing: sleep later, fish slower
    Change up your tactics when it comes to fishing from a kayak this winter. Slow down the presentation of your bait and fish later in the day.

Outdoor Updates - January 2020

Field Notes - January 2020

  • 7 steps to clean a squirrel
    Squirrel season is open in Louisiana. Here are the 7 steps to easily, quickly and cleaning snatching the hide off of a squirrel.
  • A rifle for a present?
    If you’re lucky enough to be the recipient of a new rifle, here is a time-proven and simple method for breaking in a barrel that you can’t go wrong with.
  • Christmas trees, garland make great duck-hunting camo
    Use the old branches off a plastic Christmas tree or wrap the shooting screen of your duck hunting blind with Christmas garland.
  • Downsize this month to a Baby D Bomb
    Bassmaster Elite Series pro Caleb Sumrall of New Iberi loves smaller creature baits when it’s cold. That’s why he uses the Missile Baits Baby D Bomb.
  • Jig is a really great January bait
    Brent Bonadona goes with a Delta Lures flipping jig in January. He usually fishing it in the Atchafalaya Basin and Lake Verret.
  • Lipless baits can produce January bass
    Pro Dakota Ebare of Watson loves Red Eyed Shad for cold-water bass. He has had plenty of success on Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn with the bait.
  • Lucky Shad is lucky bait for Hackney
    Major League Fishing pro Greg Hackney, host of Louisiana Sportsman TV, throws a Lucky Shad crankbait no matter how cold winter chills the water.
  • What to do after the hunt
    As with any other service industry, some game processors and taxidermists are better than others. Here's some tips on choosing the right ones.

Hot Spots - January 2020