2021-2022 Deer of the Year

Deer season always takes a long time to get here, then it’s gone before you know it. But in 2021, it left behind some awesome deer that made memories for a lifetime for Louisiana hunters.  Since deer season cranked up last fall, Louisiana Sportsman writers have detailed the stories of 44 big bucks harvested across the Bayou State.

Some have been monsters, like two 190 class bucks taken by Daniel Sharkey in Tangipahoa Parish and Chris Temple in Catahoula Parish.

Of the deer profiled by the Sportsman, 31 cracked the 150-inch barrier, and of those bucks, 8 eclipsed the 170-inch mark. There are a lot more youngsters getting in on the act, too, and that’s important for the future of the sport.

We reviewed all of the big buck stories and share a few of the best that rank at the top of the class as 2021-2022 Deer of the Year.

The best of the rest…