Bait-Up container makes toting minnows easy

Anglers who like to fish with live minnows but don’t like to drag along a bucket – especially if they’re wading or fishing from a kayak or other paddle boat – will feel like somebody is thinking about them with the introduction of the Bait-Up live bait container. […]


Off Grid Tools’ Survival Axe

My son, the Eagle Scout, is in his late 20s now, but I can only imagine how he’d have been the toast of his troop 10 years ago if he’d showed up at camp with an Off Grid Tools’ survival axe. […]

Bass Fishing

Culprit’s Water Dragon

Soft-plastic lizards were all the rage 20 years ago when the Carolina rig ruled the bass-fishing world, but over the past decade, you haven’t heard much about them. The creature bait has been the hot lure. […]

News Breaker

If you tag a gobbler, fan him out

A tom turkey carries with him three body parts that most hunters consider trophies in the same realm that a whitetail buck carries an 8-point rack — worth keeping around to remember him by.


News Breaker

7 steps to display beards from gobblers

Years ago, my dad took me on a trip to look for hunting land in the mountains of West Virginia, and on one piece of property, the landowner pulled out an old cigar box to convince us how good the hunting was on the property.