Gourmet taste can be gluten-free

Stefanie Rogers lives with her husband Scotty in the rural Louisiana community of Pine — the same village where they grew up. Considering where they live, it would be easy to assume she would simply cook Southern style dishes, with little seafood other than fried catfish. […]


This cook is saucy

Laina Asprion’s life is saucy.

Yes, she cooks with sauces — lots of them. But her background is interesting too. She grew up as a New Orleans Creole. […]


Papa bear’s turn to cook

Last month we spent time in the kitchen of John Falterman, Jr. to cook with him and his mother Debby. During the whole caper, Johnny Falterman, John’s father sat off to one side, mumbling over and over, “I love to cook. I just love to cook.” […]


Don’t mess with this cook!

A recent customer of Southern Exposure Inland Fishing Charters was quoted to say, “This is an eating charter, with great fishing thrown in just to keep us busy.” Interesting description! I had to check it out, so I went to Buras (See the accompanying fishing story “Buras Tag Team” in this feature). […]


Smoked meat goes with seafood

For the uninitiated, Cajun cooking is the same wherever bonafide Cajuns exist.

But as a born and bred Cajun, Tony Soileau knows better. The 47-year-old dentist lives in Lafayette now, but he was raised in Pine Prairie in Evangeline Parish. […]