Bass Fishing

Three patterns to catch False River bass

False River in Pointe Coupee Parish was once one of the premier fisheries in the state, part of the Quality Lakes system stocked with Florida-strain bass. And then in the late 1990s, things just fell apart — siltation and water clarity suffered, and the fishery became a shade of its former glory.[…]

Inshore Fishing

Marsh Man Masson vid: This lure overcame brutal conditions

Some days fish will hit anything. An angler could literally pierce a cut rag on a jighead, and lure a strike from a ravenous speckled trout or redfish. Other days, however, it seems like every element is working against anyone who has the audacity to put a boat on the water. On those outings, it’s crucial for anglers to pinpoint a lure the fish just can’t resist.[…]


Lost & found

I don’t recall exactly who said it, but a famous outdoorsman once quipped that he had never actually been lost — but there had been times when he hadn’t known where he was for a few days. […]

News Breaker

Blond gadwall killed in Delacroix

Prairieville hunter Michael Campo thought his hunting season in Delacroix was wild when he shot a goose the day after Thanksgiving — but things really became weird Jan. 16 when he rolled a gadwall sporting feathers reminiscent of Donald Trump’s signature blond comb-over.[…]