Marsh Man Masson vid: This lure overcame brutal conditions

The deck was stacked against it, but it shined

Some days fish will hit anything. An angler could literally pierce a cut rag on a jighead, and lure a strike from a ravenous speckled trout or redfish. Other days, however, it seems like every element is working against anyone who has the audacity to put a boat on the water. On those outings, it’s crucial for anglers to pinpoint a lure the fish just can’t resist.

Marsh Man Masson did just that during a trip this week. He set out after a cold front to see if he could put some fish in the boat, even though a series of conditions longer than a grocery list were working against him.

After having moderate success on a handful of baits, he finally found the one lure the fish just couldn’t say no to. It won’t work in every situation, but it’s one every marsh angler should have in his or her tackle box.

Flipping gear included a 6’8″ Shimano Crucial rod in medium-heavy power teamed with a Lew’s Tournament MB baitcasting reel. Masson also used a light-powered Castaway Skeleton with an Abu Garcia Revo ALX for stickbait fishing.

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