Features from August 2019

Columns - August 2019

  • African Pompano
    African pompano (alectis ciliaris) are saltwater fish that are usually caught in deep, offshore water around wrecks and artificial reefs.
  • Are you a master kayak angler?
    The Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club offers a unique event allowing members to challenge themselves to successfully catch a wide variety of different species.
  • Mathews’ Vertix is a bow to cherish
    The new Mathews Vertix offers several features, including Switchweight technology, and an integrated arrow-rest mounting system.
  • Matrix Rip Shad targets the ‘tweener’ depths
    The Matrix Rip Shad is a hard-body artificial lure, a jerkbait, that’s already a favorite of his and charter boat captains in Louisiana.
  • This Johnson Bayou cook shines
    The night before making a raid on big Sabine Lake trophy speckled trout, 37-year-old fishing guide Robbie Trahan treated me to some Johnson Bayou cooking.
  • What lures worked for you and when?
    To prepare for fishing the latter months of the year, you should look at the lures you used last season and consider why and where they were successful.

Outdoor Updates - August 2019

Field Notes - August 2019

  • Do’s and don’ts for coastal bullfights
    During late summer, anglers often target bull redfish in tournaments or simply for fishing enjoyment. Here’s some do’s and don’ts to remember.
  • Find food sources for opening-day success
    With the opening of deer season approaching, hunters need to start finding the major food sources that whitetails are using.
  • How to maximize Carolina-rigging
    When bass are deep, there’s no better way to coax them into biting than dragging a big chunk of plastic on a Carolina rig past their noses.
  • Mop up on monster mangrove snapper
    During the dog days of summer, Grand Isle’s Trout Master sometimes turns his attention away from chasing specks just long enough to head offshore in pursuit of different prey.
  • Stick a toothpick in it
    One of the best tools a bass fisherman can have, especially during the summer when fish live largely in deep, cool, oxygenated water, are toothpicks.
  • The best tide indicator
    When Chas Champagne, creator of Matrix Shad, heads out in pursuit of fish, he often relies on this tried-and-true, real-time indicator of tidal movement.
  • The right equation for doormats
    Find a ditch, a dock and an oyster bed in the same area, and you’ve got the makings of a great place to catch a late-season flounder in Louisiana.
  • Tips for slabs after dark
    The details of your setup and presentation are important. Follow these tips to help you make the best of your night-fishing trips for crappie.
  • Top 3 tips to mop up on mangroves
    Every summer, Tommy Vidrine tears himself away from catching hammer speckled trout at Grand Isle and heads offshore in pursuit of mangrove snapper.
  • Trolling for catfish: Slinky weight is key
    From late June through November catfish move around a lot due to a number of factors and one of the best ways to target mobile cats is to drift or troll.
  • Use a snell knot for more offshore hookups
    Capt. Tommy Pellegrin firmly believes snelling circle hooks offshore has a direct correlation to the number of fish coming over his gunnels.

Hot Spots - August 2019

  • Cocodrie speckled smackdown
    Anglers in the Cocodrie area are enjoying the best speckled trout action they've seen in years. Capt. Tommy Pellegrin says the area is teeming with fish.
  • Plan Beeliner
    Vermilion snapper, known as beeliners, make excellent table fare and don’t tear up your gear as much as red snapper or mangrove snapper do.
  • Toledo Bend: It’s right at night
    Toledo Bend has always been a really good night fishing lake. Last August was awesome and it should be great again this year.