A drop-shot rig will produce bass that have been hammered with other baits.
Bass Fishing

Drop-shot the ledges

As long as the fish remain on the ledge, it’s a safe bet that they’re still in the food mood — so it’s just a matter of keeping an easy meal there for them. […]

Chunky slabs are suckers for shad shaped jig bodies.

Crushing cold water crappie

Cooler water means more active fish — and with the crappie gathering up for prespawn feeding, you can bet that schooling competition will motivate the fish to eat whatever they can catch. […]

Bonito are a nuisance to tuna seekers

Late night delight

Anyone fortunate enough to see the Delta’s offshore waters at night, knows the incredible vision of flood lights illuminating the many oil and gas platforms. The bright stuff is intended for human safety, but fish know how to leverage this bait-gathering influence to their benefit. […]