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  • Get out and scout
    When it comes to early season scouting for bucks with trail cameras, monitoring rubs and rub lines can be a very effective technique.
  • Goldilocks kayak fishing
    Louisiana kayak anglers are blessed with year-round fishing availability, but October generally makes for pleasant days on the water.
  • It’s going to be a good fall for trout, y’all
    October can be a tricky month for inshore speckled trout fishing. But when the migration is early, the fish are easy to find.
  • Lure Review: Gorilla Buzz
    Buzzbait aficionados and bass have been going ape over the Gorilla Buzz since it was introduced four years ago by Prototype Lures.
  • Sailing broadheads: What’s the problem?
    When your field points shoot straight, but your broadheads won’t group, examine your hunting bow’s setup with these tips.
  • Species spotlight: Tarpon
    Most anglers have far fewer chances at tarpon than other fish. Along the Gulf Coast, they usually appear in late spring or early summer.

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