Marsh Martian points to top Bayou Lacombe spots for October

Fishing can be simple as water cools

Strange happenings have been discovered along the waters of Bayou Lacombe. As the temperature cools, the fishing has heated up, and the “Marsh Martian,” a local legend, has not only dialed in which tackle is favored, but has also pinpointed where to catch them.

Corey LaBostrie, known on the water and on YouTube as the “Marsh Martian,” has fished Bayou Lacombe for most of his adult life. You can typically find him in his canoe before sunrise or late in the evening. He always seems to go home with a bag of fish.

According to LaBostrie, the best fishing is before sunrise and late in the evening. The science is simple and not determined by fishing reports and tide charts.

LaBostrie said that what makes Bayou Lacombe so special is that the approach does not differ between seasons. The only thing that does is possibly the addition of one more lure and maybe an increase in the number of species available to be caught.

Corey LaBostrie, aka the Marsh Martian, calls Bayou Lacombe home and said it only takes a few lures to cover most fishing situations.

“You can always catch bass on Bayou Lacombe,” he said. “Fall brings the reds and the speckled trout too.”

LaBostrie’s recipe for success is no secret. He informs his viewers where to fish on Bayou Lacombe and identifies the bait to use.

“You can use what I use year-round,” he said.


Fishing at sunrise is simple; there’s no need to weigh down the boat with an abundance of tackle. The lily pads offer the best action. Throw a redbone Z-Man FrogZ on a 3/0 offset hook. Fish it weightless and let it crawl over the lily pads and drop into the water. Give a count of two seconds before setting the hook; that should yield success.

When the topwater bite turns off, switch to a 3-inch Z-Man Bad Shad MinnowZ on the same offset hook. Cast at the pads and let it swim to the boat. As with the frog, give the same count before setting the hook.

The fascinating wonder of Bayou Lacombe is that anglers can utilize the same tackle combination all along the bayou. Drains offer additional action, and if the traffic on the main bayou gets heavy, fish can be found in the ponds that flank the main bayou. They might be challenging due to shallow water, but piloting the right boat will make the difference.

“I like my little canoe,” he said.  “I can go anywhere I need to go. A lot of times I’ll get a tow up and down the bayou.”