Fishing for trout and redfish after Hurricane Sally

Where can we find speckled trout and redfish after Hurricane Sally? Join me as I launch out of Hopedale to see what the storm surge left inside the marsh.

Yes, the water got high as the storm surge from Hurricane Sally was strong, but we never saw anything more than that during the storm as she stayed just east of us.

The first day I could get out to go see what’s out there is the day you see in this video.

I launched from Hopedale Marina (formerly Breton Sound Marina) to do what I could with a rising tide, but what I really wanted to take advantage of was the falling tide.

And that’s because the white shrimp are on the move, and where we can find white shrimp we can find an easy bite of speckled trout.

But high tide isn’t predicted to fall until way later in the day.

So the fishing trip was slightly challenging and tons of fun. 

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