Fishing Hotspots

Stay on the move to find Hopedale trout

Hot. Sizzling, searing, scorching, broiling, roasting — all describe our summer weather, and the trout don’t seem to like it any more than we do. Perhaps it’s why they pulled a disappearing act in June and have had anglers scratching their heads ever since. […]

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Hopedale hotspots

“Trout action is on fire on the inside,” according to Hopedale area Capt. Gene Dugas, with Rather Be Fishing Charters (985-640-0569). “From the deep interior all the way out to Bay Lafourche, the trout are eating up baits and the reds are thick and hungry.” […]

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Targeting transition trout out of Hopedale

“I can’t wait for October,” said Capt. Rory Rorison, of United Charters (504-439-1680). “I look forward to it every year. I finally stop making the long runs out into Breton Sound and I start fishing the in-between areas for both trout and redfish.” […]

Fishing Tournaments

Fat 6.7-pound Hopedale trout leads CCA-Louisiana STAR’s East Division

Daniel Compagno experienced a wide range of emotions on the water out of Hopedale Tuesday, first losing the biggest flounder he’d ever seen after landing it up on the rocks near the MRGO dam — then barely managing to reel in his personal best speckled trout only an hour later to unexpectedly grab the lead in the CCA-Louisiana STAR Tournament’s East Division. […]

Inshore Fishing

Hard-plastic Hopedale trout

There’s no doubt that a popping cork with a soft-plastic underneath is a deadly way to catch a boatload of speckled trout — particularly in the fall when fish are gorging on white shrimp. […]

Inshore Fishing

Hopedale fishing curve balls

Leave it to Capt. Charlie Thomason to march to a different drummer.

When I called the veteran captain looking for some Biloxi Marsh fishing tips, I received an unexpected answer. […]