Crushing speckled trout at the Rock Dam

We limited out on speckled trout and released a few big girls at this community honey hole in Hopedale.

If you missed the first three parts of this fishing trip, you can watch them below:

But where is the Rock Dam? What kind of baits did we use?

That’s what you’ll discover when you watch this video, and you may be surprised to learn that we didn’t use live bait.

Not. At. All.

In fact, if you’ve already seen parts one, two and three then you already know that we haven’t used live bait, not shrimp, cocahoes, croakers or anything else.

And that’s because this time of year makes for some of the best inshore fishing you’ll find in Louisiana, meaning that if you can find a great bite it won’t matter what you throw so long as there’s a hook attached because the fish are going to eat it anyway.

Now, let me make something clear: this was NOT that kind of bite.

The kind of speckled trout bite we found at the Rock Dam in Hopedale required a little more skill and finesse to catch ’em.

I say this because it was NOT every-cast action (though sometimes it was) and because there were bank fishermen there who (unfortunately) just weren’t catching like we were.

In fact, nobody was.

And that’s because NOBODY else was fishing like we were.

The presentation

We were throwing jigheads on light line and working jerkbaits against the rocks, creating a presentation those extremely-pressured speckled trout don’t see often, if at all.

That’s because most inshore anglers fishing the Rock Dam are fishing with popping corks and live bait, something that a pinfish, sheepshead or stingray are just as likely to eat as any speckled trout.

And that’s fine with some folks, but fishing the aforementioned artificial lures are a great way to cut out the trash fish and put a tempting presentation in front of the big trout like what you see in this video.

And you can see exactly how we fished when you watch, so you can do it for yourself and catch limits of speckled trout in community honey holes that everyone else is missing.

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