Covering water FAST to locate good speckled trout action

The hardest part of any fishing trip is finding fish in the first place, and my favorite strategy for doing exactly that is covering a lot of water with all the ideal conditions.

It’s November in south Louisiana, and that means speckled trout are eating up somewhere, so just because they’re not biting at Spots A, B, C, D or E and F doesn’t mean that it’s a poor day to go fishing.

It means you need to keep trying, and that’s what you’ll see us do in this video.

Do we get a reward for our effort? Yes!

And you’ll see that as we located some speckled trout and begin dialing them in.

If you missed part one to this fishing trip you can watch it here.

Get part two here.

Devin Denman is an avid inshore fisherman who writes the Louisiana Fishing Blog. To read more of his articles, visit lafishblog.comTo check out more of his videos, visit his YouTube page Louisiana Fishing Blog

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