Exploring Hopedale and finding what the fish want

When viewed through different lenses, Forrest Gump was either the village idiot or an Einstein-level genius and erudite philosopher.

One of his most famous musings, of course, was about the surprising taste of a confection pulled randomly from a variety pack. You might pop in your mouth a luscious caramel coated in dark chocolate, and thoroughly enjoy every second the treat tantalizes your taste buds, or you could start looking for the nearest garbage can when you discover you’ve bitten into a gag-inducing chocolate-covered cherry.

Exploring the marsh is a lot like that, and that’s why I can’t ever get enough.

I always do map study at home before I venture into new areas, but I never really know what I’m going to find until I get there.

That was certainly the case this week (Feb. 8) when I ventured down to Hopedale out of one of the coolest places in all of South Louisiana, Paloma Lake. I went to a bayou that looked good to me on a map, and discovered it had far more depth than I expected, which is really a great problem to have, although it did cause me to change my strategy a bit.

Check out the video for all the details!

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