Cold water catfish

When the water is blown out and murky from cold fronts, there may be no better time than January to drop a tight-line rig for central coast blue catfish. […]

Bass Fishing

Black Lake big boys

The drive from Morgan City to Natchitoches was a long four hours after I knocked off from my day job at 5 o’clock. And, by the time my wife and I checked into the Chateau Saint Denis Hotel downtown, it was after 9 p.m. — and I was just hearing from Pure Fishing ambassador Jimmy Jeansonne. […]


Winning the (gator) lottery

It’s a long boat ride down the Calumet spillway to the Atchafalaya Delta Wildlife Management Area’s Wax Lake Unit. It’s also a straight run, which makes it a perfect time for reflecting. […]


Hot action on the Big Burns

Clint Ward dropped his 1/32nd ounce jig into the water. Attached to it was a multi-colored curly tail plastic, tipped with a little piece of Berkley Gulp Earthworm the size of a small snow pea added for enticement. […]