Features from June 2019

Columns - June 2019

  • Does the moon affect the trophy trout bite?
    Big fish feeding behavior is more closely related to Solunar times, the major and minor feeding periods, rather than moon phase.
  • Flounder Pounders
    We caught up with a few flounder pounders that consistently bring flatfish to their kayaks. By following their advice, you can increase your success rate.
  • Pastalaya, Fish Tacos are hits
    New Iberia’s Lynn Breaux shares his recipes for Savory Cajun Pastalaya and Lynn's Fish Tacos. They have a good flavor profile and can be whipped up quickly.
  • Sight-fishing crabs and reds at the same spot
    There are many ways to catch crabs and redfish but sight-hunting both on the same trip from a tiny dingy really takes marsh fishing up a notch.
  • Species spotlight: Warmouth Sunfish
    Warmouth sunfish are one of the lesser-common panfish species. They are fun to catch and tasty table fare, but are often misidentified by anglers.
  • These flukes remain super
    Tony Taylor, publisher of Louisiana Sportsman magazine, is the king, or one of many kings, of fishing with a Zoom Super Fluke.

Outdoor Updates - June 2019

Field Notes - June 2019

  • Catching live bait with a cast net
    If live bait is what you want to fish with these days, you’re probably going to have to go out and get it yourself, especially if you want to fish with anything other than live shrimp.
  • Drop-shot the ledges
    As long as the fish remain on the ledge, it’s a safe bet that they’re still in the food mood — so it’s just a matter of keeping an easy meal there for them.
  • Guide changes hooks to catch more speckled trout
    Why Capt. Jakamo Laboureur, a longtime user of a No. 1 kahle hook, switched to the No. 2 live bait hook to catch speckled trout out of Shell Beach.
  • How to gain the advantage fishing oyster reefs
    Oyster reefs in salty bays are alive with organisms and with speckled trout are particularly drawn to these vibrant communities.

Hot Spots - June 2019

  • Bank angler limits out on speckled trout
    Reggie Legendre of Lafourche has been catching plenty of limits of speckled trout between Golden Meadow and Grand Isle recently by fishing from the bank with just a few pieces of tackle.
  • Cypremort Point tripletail
    Rodeo winners Lannie Buteau and Paul Migues detail how they target tripletail and claim there’s one thing you must have to catch them.
  • Hot bite: Lake Charles flounder
    Jason Lewis and John Muller have been targeting flounder in the Lake Charles system for a few years and they are more than willing to give a few tips.
  • Rising water floods Toledo Bend’s bass cover
    April showers raised the water in Toledo Bend, providing more cover for bass as the spawn headed into its final stages after the full moon in April.