Scent of a man — How to fool a deer’s nose

As bucks go, it wasn’t a record-setter, but it was a good one — a real good one. Adrenaline surged through the hunter’s body. A few more steps and the deer would be in the angle just right to launch an arrow. Then it was like the animal hit an invisible wall. Its body stiffened momentarily, and then it tore off, blowing in alarm. […]

Deer Hunting

Chronic Wasting Disease

As I mentioned in our last installment, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is focusing on the spread of chronic wasting disease in wild deer.


Deer Hunting

Buck indicators

In last month’s installment of Happy Trails, we began focusing on buck indicators as they would relate to positioning a web of trail cameras to most effectively identify and monitor bucks on a given hunting property.

The initial early season indicator would be rubs and rub lines. 


Field Notes

Become a Decoy Doc

A little TLC can bring older duck decoys back to life, so when you need to greet those northern red-legged greenheads they are all ready for the show.  […]

Offshore Fishing

How to find Prien’s trout

Prien Lake holds few secret spots. It is roughly 6 feet deep in most of its bed, except where the Calcasieu River channel courses through near its western bank.

Its bottom is mud and oyster shell.


Deer Hunting

Best public deer-hunting areas

Begin your deer season in the western part of the state in mid-September with plans to hit these WMAs. The rut starts earlier here than anywhere else in the state, which launches around the end of September in some locations and ends near mid-November.


Inshore Fishing

Don’t park when fishing for Delacroix’s fall trout

“Stick and move,” Capt. Chad Dufrene said repeatedly that day. “In the fall months you stick when they bite and move when they quit. And do it all over again until you put a nice box of fish together.”

That’s what we did over the course of the morning, and our box was definitely looking good.