Field Notes

Scouting for teal

As some early-migrating blue-winged teal are already arriving in the Bayou State, hunters are gearing up to chase the feathered rockets from Cameron to Caernarvon and Monroe to Morgan City.  […]


Late-season duck calling tips

As many manufacturing processes trend toward computerized, assembly-line production techniques, there are still some things best done the old-fashioned way — like Faulk’s Game Calls.  […]

News Breaker

DIY duck blind dog stand

When constructing and preparing land-based duck blinds in the marsh, we go to great lengths to ensure the hide is both comfortable and functional. But adding a retrieving dog to the mix brings additional considerations and challenges. The dog must be integrated into the hunt, but in a safe way that also hides him from circling birds.  […]


Top 5 tactics for early season success

Landing zones – Though creating defined landing zones is often a favorite decoy pattern for hunters, it only takes observing a raft of puddle ducks one time to realize they will plop down just about anywhere — regardless of an available zone. […]


Prepping for early season success

As if finally locating long lost friends, they arrived just as we’d envisioned. The five-pack of gadwall redefined the term ‘fully committed’ from the time they hit the far edge of the pond, and dropped into our spread without hesitation. […]