Top tactics for public waterfowling success

With so many quality options for chasing waterfowl on the Bayou State’s public land, most hunters usually find a few birds for the pot.

However, those looking to do it with consistency should heed the recommendations of LDWF’s Lance Campbell:

  • Sufficient scouting prior to hunting is critical. Campbell also recommends minimizing disturbance of resting or feeding waterfowl while scouting to help keep birds in the area and increase the odds you’ll find them there on your next hunt. Binoculars are your friend.
  • Become familiar with and regularly utilize more than one hunting site. Getting to know more than one WMA and more than one unit of a WMA will help increase the odds of finding a few targets as conditions and pressure move birds around.
  • Be flexible and willing to learn new tactics and setup types. Consistently successful hunters often move and adjust tactics routinely to stay on the flights. Keep in mind that productive hunt locations can vary with changes in tides, weather, available duck species, etc.
  • Consider hunting on weekdays or even afternoons in order to minimize competition from other hunters and give you the largest selection of hunt location opportunity.

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