Don’t forget topwater for trout

I love catching fish any way at all: under corks, tight-lined, live bait, plastics, whatever.

But my very favorite way to catch fish, especially in the fall (and early spring), is tossing topwater baits.

And, while I do use a variety of colors and brands, I’m partial to bone-colored MirrOlure She Dogs in the mornings for trout, and purple demon Top Dogs on sunny days for trout and redfish.

I like to fish them with a baitcasting reel loaded with 30-pound PowerPro braid tipped with a 25- or 30-pound monofilament leader measuring 12 to 18 inches long.

Just cast near points and in current lines or around bait (especially mullet), and relish every bump and thump and hookup.

Be sure not to set the hook or all those treble hooks are going to come sailing towards the boat at incredible speed and force. Instead, if your bait gets smacked just pull your rod slowly but firmly toward you and reel steadily.

Do not jerk.

1810 rp

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Rusty Tardo grew up in St. Bernard fishing the waters of Delacroix, Hopedale and Shell Beach. He and his wife, Diane, have been married over 40 years and live in Kenner.

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