Flounder gigging with INCREDIBLE underwater footage

I’ve done a few flounder-gigging trips during my fishing career, but always on foot while walking across sandy shallows and carrying Coleman lanterns. That’s the old-school way of doing it, according to Marsh Man Masson subscriber Jeremy Guidry.

He and his lifelong buddy Dustin Breland cover much more water and encounter many more flatfish by cruising the shallows in flat-bottomed aluminum boats pulled by trolling motors. They also use generators to power halogen lights that penetrate crystal-clear waters and illuminate massive flounder that place a little too much confidence in their camouflage.

When I was invited by Guidry on a trip, I didn’t hesitate for a second in accepting. We waited until conditions were right, and then headed out with Breland on his boat.

The night started slowly, but before long, we were sticking flatfish and more — and along the way, we captured some of the most amazing flounder-gigging footage you’ll ever see.

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