Waterfowl & Duck Hunting

Ducks still thick in Southwest marshes

With the West Zone closure fast approaching and a blustery front barreling through our state, we couldn’t wait to get into the marsh yesterday (Jan. 12). Anticipation was high for my father-in-law, Mike Chol, and I when we arrived to a hot breakfast at Doug’s Hunting Lodge in Klondike. […]

News Breaker

Ducks flock to Louisiana for second split of hunting season

An estimated 2.42 million ducks had made their way to Louisiana by mid December, which is slightly higher than the most-recent five year average, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has said.

“The estimated 2.42 million ducks on this survey is a 31-percent increase over the 1.84 (million birds) estimated in November, is 11 percent higher than last December’s estimate of 2.17 million (ducks) and is slightly higher than the most-recent five-year average of 2.25 million (birds),” the LDWF report reveals. […]


Shut up to call ducks

Ducks don’t talk to each other nearly as much as hunters think, especially during the late season. Just as a roomful of people will migrate away from a loud, obnoxious guy who tries to dominate the conversation, ducks will exhibit the same behavior. […]


Health Club Ducks

What’s more exasperating than watching flock after flock after flock of ducks (mostly greys) land far out into the open water 300 yards away from your decoy spread, which was lovingly placed in a sheltered little cove and strategically set out from 20 to 35 yards downwind of where you huddle, perfectly hidden, in a grove of marsh alders blowing yourself hoarse on a duck call? […]