More ducks is good news? Maybe, but …

No one who really knows me would accuse me of being a die-hard duck hunter. While I’ve spent a lot of time over the years pointing a shotgun at waterfowl (“pointing” being the operative term), what has traditionally gotten my hunting juices flowing has been the thought of climbing into a tree and having a deer — any deer — walk into range. […]


Cooking the kill

Hunting ducks is fun. Cooking them is a lot tougher. Waterfowl are easily the most difficult of all wild game to cook. Rolling marinated boneless breasts in bacon and grilling them has claimed the loyalty of a lot of duck hunters, but unless a duck cook has a good recipe for whole birds his culinary arsenal is incomplete. […]


Shut up to call ducks

Ducks don’t talk to each other nearly as much as hunters think, especially during the late season. Just as a roomful of people will migrate away from a loud, obnoxious guy who tries to dominate the conversation, ducks will exhibit the same behavior.

The more you call, the less likely that you’ll attract ducks, especially during January.

Rod Haydel of Haydel Game Calls started going to the duck blind with his dad at the age of 5. Over the last 41 years, he’s hunted webfoots all over the nation, primarily in the marshes around Lake Charles in southern Louisiana. […]


Jump Around

I always wondered while fishing during the winter if all those ducks I kept jumping in the river lakes just off the Ouachita River between Monroe and West Monroe would eventually return to that same spot. […]


Hen dekes bring in more ducks

Although he’s had times when he’s killed nothing but greenheads, D’Arbonne Refuge and Upper Ouachita Refuge duck hunter Chance Havard said he has learned a little decoy trick he believes helps him get more ducks within shooting range. […]

Waterfowl & Duck Hunting

Ducks flock to Lake Salvador

Ducks have poured into the marshes surrounding the Salvador Wildlife Management Area, providing great hunting for those who have headed to the public property since opening day.

Many hunters who headed out of Pier 90 in Luling have returned with their limit of gray ducks, teal and gadwall. George Garcia, the harbor master at Pier 90, said last week that hunters either got their limits or returned because they had run out of shells. […]