Deer Hunting

The “almost” buck

A few seasons ago, I had a great opportunity during bow season. I was hunting in an area where I had seen several nice deer the previous season, so I set up a bow stand there. One evening, just as light was fading, a very nice (for the area) 8-point stepped out into the newly-planted food plot at 35 yards. […]



Specks will be moving into the interior lakes and marsh edges. Find clear water, and flies have the advantage. On calm days, start with poppers along points and cuts for bigger trout. […]

Bass Fishing

The Mag 12 Buzz Worm

That two different professional anglers can fish a new 12-inch worm completely differently — with both catching solid numbers of quality bass — is a testament to the new Mag 12 Buzz Worm from Mister Twister.  […]

Deer Hunting

Black Widow Deer Lures

Black Widow Deer Lures is the only scent company that strictly collects and bottles fresh deer urine from the southern whitetail deer. Southern deer eat different foliage, browse, fruits and nuts then their cousins the Northern whitetail deer, and this changes the smell and glandular secretions in the urine. […]


Species Specific

The Species Specific feeder uses a series of cameras and motion sensors to target a specific species of animal and allows only the targeted animal to feed from its concealed feed bins, allowing users to save up to 40% in feed cost. […]