Tips for fishing Vudu Shrimp

1) For fishing with a cork, a 6-foot 8-inch or 7-foot light action rod is best.

2) Don’t use monofilament heavier than 12-pound test. A thinner line lets the lure sink faster.

3) Don’t store Vudus in the same tray as ordinary plastics. The gases from the plastics will melt the Vudus. They can be kept in the same box, but not in the same tray.

4) Keep a small tube of Super Glue handy. With heavy use, the eyehole of the hook may tear through the front of the head. With a dab of Super Glue, the bait is good for another 100 fish.

5) Daub Vudu Shrimp Sauce on the legs of a Vudu Shrimp to add a fish-attracting scent. The rattle can be slipped out of the pouch beneath a Vudu Rattler shrimp and more sauce can be squeezed into the pouch. Take care not to get the sauce on one’s hands as it is very sticky.

6) Use a ‘pop-pop-stop’ retrieve when using a cork with a Vudu Shrimp. Many strikes will come on the stop. A common flaw is to overwork the cork. In wavy conditions, a Vudu Shrimp under a cork may be fished without popping, but it is important to keep slack out of the line.

7) When fishing a Vudu Shrimp without a cork (tightlining), move the rod with a gentle rise and fall during the retrieve. Do not use a sharp ‘pop-pop-pop.’

8) In clear waters, natural colors such as brown, natural, tiger, or golden work best. For fishing in milky water, Chaumont prefers pearl with a chartreuse tail, chartreuse, or pink. In tea-stained water, best options include LSU Shrimp (purple with a chartreuse tail), magic (green flake), or black with a chartreuse tail.

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