Deer Hunting

Mississippi adjusts deer harvest regs

Well, we survived another Deep South summer, although this one seemed to be more wet at times than hot. My hope is that, in spite of the heat and humidity, you have long since been visiting your hunting properties mowing, spraying, repairing and building stands, supplemental feeding, and working trail cameras. […]


New gear reviews

The Revo Inshore has been continuously refined since its introduction several years ago, and it’s better than ever. Packing a whopping 24 pounds of Carbon Matrix drag, it will beat whatever swims in the coastal salt. […]


October’s best bets in a ‘yak

How: Try for trout, reds and flounder at the MRGO rock dam. Use popping corks with live bait or plastic tails near the rocks. Fish flounder away from the rocks on the north side using Gulp or live shrimp on a quarter-ounce jighead. […]

Deer Hunting

The “almost” buck

A few seasons ago, I had a great opportunity during bow season. I was hunting in an area where I had seen several nice deer the previous season, so I set up a bow stand there. One evening, just as light was fading, a very nice (for the area) 8-point stepped out into the newly-planted food plot at 35 yards. […]

Freshwater Fishing

The choupique goes uptown

The humble choupique evolved during the Triassic Period, over 150 million years ago. Then, dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Triceratops roamed the land.  […]

Deer Hunting

How to score on opening day

Kenny Meliet is a member of the deer hunting club that I am in, and has taken a deer on the opening day of bow season two of the last three years. The one taken last year was a 9-point buck taken on Oct. 1 at 9:28 a.m. […]


Tip of the day

Bulky saltwater corks provide a lot of wind resistance, both when running or trailering a boat. The constant beating from the banging cork can damage line guides on fishing rods.  […]



Specks will be moving into the interior lakes and marsh edges. Find clear water, and flies have the advantage. On calm days, start with poppers along points and cuts for bigger trout. […]


The forging of a fishing giant

Sixty-two-year-old Ken Chaumont lives north of Iowa (pronounced EYE-oh-way), Louisiana. The Lake Charles native moved to the country because in his own words, he hated boom boxes. “I like peace and quiet.” […]

Bass Fishing

Carolina concepts

It’s rarely the first choice for modern anglers boasting tackle bags full of the latest-and-greatest, but it’s always a good idea to keep a Carolina rig handy. Now, the slow drag may seem askew compared to more active presentations common to the fall season. […]

Bass Fishing

Tail gunner

Spinnerbaits are one of the most productive baits you can throw during the fall feeding frenzy, as the big profile and flashing blades do a good job of attracting attention and fooling hungry bass into thinking they’ve cornered a mouthful of shad. […]