The right bow inspires confidence

I remember buying my bow several years ago. I spent several days at the shop bouncing back and forth between a couple premium brand bows. None of them ever felt right to me.

The shop owner finally brought out a Diamond bow, and I knew after the first shot that it was the bow for me.

“It just feels right,” I told him while getting the sneaking feeling that he really wanted me to purchase one of the more expensive bows.

To his credit, he told me that if it felt right I should go with it.

While choosing a bow is a very personal decision, it can be enlightening to see what others are shooting.

Curtis Simpson feels extremely confident in his bow setup.

“I shoot a Mathews Heli-m at 70 pounds,” he noted. “I’ve got it set up with an HHA Optimizer one-pin sight, and a QAD HDX Ultrarest. I shoot Carbon Express Maxima Red arrows with 100-grain Rage X-treme Chisel Tip expandable broadheads.”

According to Simpson, deer don’t make it far after he lets one fly.

“A lot of them, I either see them drop or hear them drop,” he said. “If I double-lung him, it’s over. The Rage X-treme is a 2.3-inch cut, and that chisel tip just blows right through them when you hit a rib or shoulder blade.”

Besides his broadhead, Simpson gives a lot of credit to his one-pin sight. The HHA Optimizer allows him to shoot anywhere from 20 to 80 yards with one pin.

“All you’ve got to do with the Optimzer is sight in at 20 yards and then again at 60 yards,” Simpson concluded. “Do a little calculation to determine which of the tapes works for you and you’re ready to go no matter the yardage.”

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