October bucks love rice bran

Feeding deer in Louisiana to lure them in close enough for a shot is standard operating procedure.

Since deer that are still in their summer patterns are locked in on food sources, it only makes sense to provide them something to eat.

While many bowhunters simply put out a pile of corn, Simpson prefers rice bran.

“Bucks come to rice bran better than corn for whatever reason,” he said. “Some say it has more protein in it, and I guess it does. I use the persimmon rice bran you can buy at any feed store.”

Simpson doesn’t get too technical with it.

“I’ve heard of people putting it out in lines or smaller piles, but I just pour it on the ground in one pile,” he said. “I start with a half bag once a week and will add more — up to a bag a week — if they’re tearing it up.”

Like corn, the main problem with using rice bran is that you have to put out enough to keep the raccoons and possums fed because they seem to love it, too.

“I do run a corn feeder, too,” Simpson went on. “But I don’t hunt it. I put it right in the center of my place at the highest point. I run a camera on it, but I never set up a stand over it. Rather, I’ll hunt the trails maybe 300 or 400 yards away from it and catch them coming in.”

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