Species Specific

The Species Specific feeder uses a series of cameras and motion sensors to target a specific species of animal and allows only the targeted animal to feed from its concealed feed bins, allowing users to save up to 40% in feed cost. […]


Get a grip on bow torque

In layman’s terms, torque is defined as a rotational force, or the twisting of an object. While there are some cases where more torque is desirable — such as the output of your vehicle’s engine — the handle of your bow is definitely NOT one of them.  […]


The Rut in 2017

Use the Sportsman 2017 rut prediction to start planning your hunts for this season. It might also help to look at the long range weather forecast and see when the cold fronts are predicted to roll in. […]


Taming the beast

The thrashing dinosaur was yanked out of the water, flew high over the lanky man’s head and landed with a thud in the tall weeds. It immediately began slithering through the wet grass back toward the weedy canal. […]