Specks will be moving into the interior lakes and marsh edges. Find clear water, and flies have the advantage. On calm days, start with poppers along points and cuts for bigger trout. When you find diving birds, cast a weighted shrimp pattern along the edges of the school. Otherwise, a Clouser Minnow 3 feet under a VOSI is a proven trout taker.

If you find moving water over a hard bottom, chances are good the white trout are there. Cast a Deep Clouser on an 8- to 9-foot leader and let it sink to the bottom. Most of the strikes come the first few strips up.

The hunt for reds in October could involve sightcasting to bulls. Any tropical system in September will push the redzillas back into the marsh. Start with poppers just for fun, then switch to crab patterns, Charlies, Seaducers and Redchasers later on.

Bass will be schooling in lakes, busting up on shad. Crease Flies are a must-have this month. Other imitations include EP Minnow, Lunch Money, Gummy Minnow and Pensacola Clouser.

This is the last good month for redear action. Tie a Fluff Butt, Silli Butt, Cap Spider or Tussel Bug onto your 5-weight rod and cast in 3 to 6 feet of water. Let it sink, then strip up. Like white trout, redears hit as the fly is ascending.

Stocking of rainbow trout renews in two tailwater rivers just north of Shreveport: Mountain Fork near Broken Bow, Okla., and Little Missouri near Murfreesboro, Ark. Olive or black woolybuggers will be best until the trout adapt to native bugs.

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