Ground proving buck age

We began a general discussion of this topic in the recent February, 2017 installment of Happy Trails. Let’s now go a little further and expand the discussion. Ground proving bucks means harvesting bucks that you believe meet your minimum goals, collecting their lower jaw bones for “tooth replacement/wear” age estimates, then comparing the earlier “live on-the-hoof” eyeball age estimate with the jawbone indicated age for confirmation or clarification.[…]

Inshore Fishing

Rig ‘em up

Capt. Creighton Ward fishes almost exclusively with live shrimp. “They maximize opportunities under almost all conditions. I firmly believe that,” he said.[…]

Inshore Fishing

The triangle of fishing

Creighton Ward likes to call Buras, located in central Plaquemines Parish, the triangle of fishing. From Buras, there is fishing on the east side of the river, on the west side of the river, and down the river.[…]

Freshwater Fishing

Finch Lake fishing: What you need

When you go to Finch Lake, you better take everything you are going to need with you. Other than a helping hand from other fishermen if you need it, there isn’t much available within miles of this lake. And more than likely, if you go here, it is going to be a day trip, not just a few hours.[…]



Bream action will be hot and heavy everywhere this month. Your five-weight outfit is recommended for the heftier gobbules. And because it’s quite common for catfish to eat a bream fly this time of year.[…]

Bass Fishing

Gear for the rear

Historically, poppers have been one of the most productive baits for fry guarders because you can zip them into tight spots, make use of even a short retrieve lane and create the kind of threatening presentation that’ll send papa reaching for the 12-gauge.[…]