Phone app shows fish finder screen

I thought Capt. Lane Zimmer had some kind of social-media addiction when I saw him continually retrieve his phone out of his pocket.

Time and time again he looked at it when I thought he should have been looking at the water.

Curiosity getting the best of me, I finally quipped something about him being a popular man.

“I’ve got my fish finder in my pocket,” he laughed. “Check it out.”

When he showed me his phone screen it had the same image on it that his console unit had on it. One side had a map on it while the other side showed the depth.

“It’s the Lowrance GoFree unit,” he said. “It has a Wi-Fi connection between my main unit and my phone. With the connection and a simple app, it’s almost like having a second unit. I know one thing, it keeps me from having to walk back to my console to check that unit.”

Zimmer had been using his phone to make sure he was correctly lined up on his fishing spots the entire time I thought he had just been playing around.

“If you don’t have a bow-mounted unit and you want to spend your time on the front deck rather than constantly walking back to your console it’s the way to go,” Zimmer insisted.

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