A cool idea

The whole day, Creighton Ward was never out of reach of his beverage.

That’s ’cause he had it slung on his belt.

The device looked like a foam drink koozie mounted on a quick-clip that was easy-on and easy-off its holder on Ward’s belt.

“What’s that” I asked?

“That’s my Hip Huggy,” he beamed a toothy grin. “It was invented by Victor Bergeron, one of the guides and management assistants at the lodge. He invented it from an old cell phone holder.

“I tweaked it after he invented it. Now I’m listed as a co-inventor on the patent.”

Then I got the practiced sales talk. “It keeps your beverage at hand’s reach. You’re not always putting it down and losing it. At fairs and festivals, you always end up with a plate in one hand and a fork in the other.

“Whaddaya do with your drink,” his eyes twinkled?

“It’s good for fishing, hiking, and dove hunting.”

It really was a cool idea.

Hip Huggies can be purchased at Louisiana convenience stores, tackle shops, gas stations, and supermarkets. Ward said it may also be purchased through the internet or in person at their lodge.

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Jerald Horst is a retired Louisiana State University professor of fisheries. He is an active writer, book author and outdoorsman.

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