A contested matter

Later this month, the Coastal Conservation Association’s summer-long STAR tournament kicks off in Louisiana. Once again, there’s a fly fishing division. Awards will go to the anglers weighing in the heaviest speckled trout in the East and West Divisions. […]

Ask Captain Paul

Tides in Louisiana

I regularly get questions about the time and range of the tides in Louisiana coastal marshes. Many of the inquiries are about the time of the published tides from various sources listed as compared to the actual times that the high and low tides occur, and how are they determined. […]


Through Haile & high water

If you can fish it, they will come. 

No matter how long or rough the road, how far back off the beaten path or how tough the waters may be to navigate, the determination of fishermen is a perfect example of the old American phrase, “come Hell or high water.” […]


Strike King Trout Magic

Soft plastic lures account for more trout in ice chests than any other lure style, and Strike King has upped the ante on inshore soft plastics with Trout Magic. It’s a traditional jighead that holds your swimbait in place while a spinner adds to the attraction. […]


Search and destroy

Capt. Lane Zimmer’s text message was crystal clear.

“… left them biting yesterday,” the message read. 

I wasn’t sure what happened between yesterday and this morning, but Lane’s spot that was so productive just 24 hours before only gave up two trout.




Having a raised beach house offers great peace of mind but is miserable when you’re walking up and down stairs all day. Make life easier with the EasyLift, which can lift up to 1,000 pounds at a time. The carriage has an integrated safety brake and each panel features expanded aluminum. […]

Bass Fishing

Fool the Fry Guarders

It’s like girls night out for new mama bass and dads are watching the kids. That’s basically the deal with a popular spring pattern we know as “fry guarders” — male bass round up recently hatched babies (fry) and keep constant watch for a host of predators from bluegill, to crappie to other bass. […]


Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ

Possessing the same deadly good looks and fish-catching prowess of its rigged brethren, the EZ ShrimpZ can serve as replacement bodies for the rigged version or rigged separately on jigheads or a weedless hook. […]