Inshore Fishing

Purpose-built sticks

Capt. Marty LaCoste has fished in and around Dularge for nearly 30 years and has a game plan for every weather condition. He’s also got specific rods laid out for different baits to make his clients as effective as possible on the water. […]

Inshore Fishing

Reel ratios explained

OK, so you’ve selected a proper rod or two, now it’s time to get a reel. Here again is a primer on reel rations and the techniques for which they’re desired. I got in touch with Trey Epich, one of Shimano’s reel gurus, and discovered the following. […]


New app delivers the goods

Historically, fishing has been behind the times where technology is concerned. Perhaps it’s the laid-back nature of many anglers or maybe it’s due to an unwillingness of folks to want others clued in to their hot spots thanks to an eye in the sky. […]