Finch Lake fishing: What you need

When you go to Finch Lake, you better take everything you are going to need with you. Other than a helping hand from other fishermen if you need it, there isn’t much available within miles of this lake. And more than likely, if you go here, it is going to be a day trip, not just a few hours.

Neal Pace has a long list of things that he takes with him on a trip to Finch.

Any food, drinks or ice that you will need for the day, pack it up and take it with you. The same for fish bait. Think about how many fish you’d like to catch and take at least two worms, crickets or grubs for every one. There are no bait stores. The same thing goes for tackle like hooks, sinkers and bobbers as well as extra poles and minicasts.

When it comes to fishing, two items that will also come in handy are a push pole and a compass. Many times the water is too shallow, or too brushy, to effectively use a trolling motor. So a push pole helps you maneuver your boat without spooking the fish. A compass is good just to help you keep your directions. And if you need an added bit of confidence off in the woods, take some orange flagging tape and mark your way in and out.

And like anywhere else in Louisiana where woods, water and warm temperatures are all in the same place, mosquitoes are everywhere. Make sure you take some form of mosquito repellant. Take a dependable light with you as well, especially on afternoon trips.

And last, but not least, make sure somebody knows where you are going and when you are returning. There is spotty cell service in the area, based on which carrier you use.

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