Hard-plastic outside trout in May

There’s still plenty of speckled trout for anglers to target on the inside in May, but for those who want to scratch the outside itch, May is the first traditional month to do it. Larry Frey mostly fishes inside in May because he doesn’t feel the need to burn the extra gas when he’s catching so many quality fish inside. However, he occasionally makes the long haul to Black Bay, and finds great success there as well.

“In May, you always have a chance to catch fish feeding on birds with the shrimp just starting to make their migration,” he said.

If he doesn’t spot any birds, Frey continues to his chosen location, and starts fishing around the structures, like Stone Island and Iron Banks.

As the summer moves along, water temperatures skyrocket, making for very short windows in low-light conditions in which the trout will feed, but May isn’t that way, according to Frey.

“I don’t think you have to beat the heat, like in August when it’s dead hot,” he said. “May is a little more favorable for you.”

Just about every angler across the coast would agree that watching a speckled trout blowup on a topwater bait is the most heart-stopping thing in fishing, and Frey is no exception.

“Before the sun comes up I throw some topwater baits, and then move over to a 52MR or a MirrOdine,” he said.

Frey prefers a bone-colored MirrOlure Top Dog Jr. in dirty water and a silver one in clean water.

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