Gourmet taste can be gluten-free

Stefanie Rogers lives with her husband Scotty in the rural Louisiana community of Pine — the same village where they grew up. Considering where they live, it would be easy to assume she would simply cook Southern style dishes, with little seafood other than fried catfish. […]


Louisiana Operation Game Thief

In the late 70s, some of the western states began establishing reward programs for information leading to the arrest of fish and wildlife violators. One of the original names for the programs was Operation Game Thief (OGT). […]


Food for thought:

By the time you are reading this, unless you live in the extreme southern part of Mississippi, the 2017-2018 deer season will already be “in the books,” as they say. […]


New gear reviews

From the innovative minds at YakAttack comes “the last rod holder you’ll ever need.” The Omega is designed to handle casting, spinning, large conventional and even fly rods — all with the same holder. Utilizing the all-new LockNLoad mounting system, the Omega easily attaches to all rail mount systems that are common on many brands of fishing kayaks. […]


February’s best bets

Caney Lake in North Louisiana holds six of the top 10 record bass in Louisiana. All are over 15 pounds, but all were caught in the 1990s. The lake experienced a decline when all of its grass beds were destroyed by carp, but the carp are almost gone and the grass is bouncing back. […]

Bass Fishing

Salvinia, salvinia and more salvinia

Rickey Lee sounded worried the night before the trip.

“Man, man, man, the salvinia (pronounced ‘silvania, north Louisiana style) is as bad as I’ve seen it. I tried to fish the middle of the lake today and only found one spot I could get in to.  […]



By now, most of the “rainbeaux trout” that were stocked in ponds across the state have been harvested. But there’s still plenty left to make for some exciting action.  […]


Pick out the right dog

There are no officially recognized breeds of squirrel dogs. It seems that members of every breed, from pit bull terriers to Chihuahuas, can be trained to tree squirrels. […]