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YakAttack Omega rod holder

From the innovative minds at YakAttack comes “the last rod holder you’ll ever need.” The Omega is designed to handle casting, spinning, large conventional and even fly rods — all with the same holder. Utilizing the all-new LockNLoad mounting system, the Omega easily attaches to all rail mount systems that are common on many brands of fishing kayaks.

A rotating collar locks the rods in the holder, but easily releases if you need to get it out quickly. The base locks securely into the track and is solid enough to withstand strikes from big fish while trolling. A security latch prevents accidental release of the rod holder from the base. The Omega offers a wide range of adjustability to get your rods at the perfect height and angle you desire.

It also comes in the Omega Pro model that adds an extension arm to get rods higher off the water, and helps with longer butt rods. Tough and durable, the Omega is packed with one-of-a-kind features that solve all of the issues common with other kayak rod holders. MSRP: Omega, $30, Omega Pro $40.

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Old Town Predator PDL

The Predator PDL is a fishing machine that offers stability, maneuverability and fishability. Pedal power provides forward or reverse propulsion, all while keeping your hands free to handle your fishing rod. The rudder control knob is positioned for easy access and makes steering almost effortless. The Element seating system provides dry, all-day comfort and has easy adjustments.

It comes in four colors: urban camo, lime camo, black cherry and regular camo for those wishing to also use the ‘yak as a stealthy hunting platform. It’s packed with fishing-friendly features like rod holders, mounting tracks, dry storage and a built-in transducer scupper that makes mounting fish finders a breeze. Six removable mounting plates allow easy customization for accessories without having to drill into the hull.

Slip resistant Exo-Ridge on the deck and tankwell provides sure footing and fast drainage. Of course, the PDL drive is the engine of this kayak. The self-contained unit quickly and easily drops in and locks securely. The drive is quiet, dependable and provides fast propulsion that is easy to use. The propeller propulsion provides a 10.3:1 gear ratio and can reach speeds up to 5.5 mph. The drive has a 16-inch draft when deployed, and can quickly be pivoted for docking or avoiding underwater obstacles. The PDL Drive console weighs 21 pounds, and includes a carry handle for easy transport. Another unique feature is that the drive unit floats. The Predator PDL is an advanced pedal-powered fishing kayak that provides precise boat control, while keeping your hands free for fishing.

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