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Turtle Sauce Piquant recipe

Turtle soup is considered one of the great classical Creole dishes of yore in New Orleans. Most Louisianan’s who try it today wonder what all the fuss is about. If they find a piece of turtle in it, it’s seldom larger than a match head and the soup tastes more of sherry wine than turtle.

Country folks cook turtle differently. They put turtle meat in their pots — lots of it and they put the wine in the cook instead of the pot. Turtle is cooked lots of ways: it’s smothered; it’s pot fried; it’s stewed; and probably best of all they make sauce piquant with it.



Cooking the kill

Hunting ducks is fun. Cooking them is a lot tougher. Waterfowl are easily the most difficult of all wild game to cook. Rolling marinated boneless breasts in bacon and grilling them has claimed the loyalty of a lot of duck hunters, but unless a duck cook has a good recipe for whole birds his culinary arsenal is incomplete. […]


Quackers on the barbie

Ducks and geese have to be the most difficult of all game animals to cook. They have a reputation for being strong and gamey — almost “livery” in taste.