Concealment is key when selecting and brushing a ground blind in the deer woods.

Ground zero – Ground blind basics for deer

Deer hunting seems to be synonymous with tree stands, and for good reason. Perched high in a tree, a hunter can evade the watchful eye of a whitetail just long enough to draw back his bow, or see far enough in the woods to squeeze off a shot with a rifle. But many hunters are finding that due to the method’s popularity, deer are wising up.[…]

A little retrofitting with new hooks on your lures could mean a difference in the number of fish you catch.
Bass Fishing

Hooking it up – How to change hard bait hooks

You buy a bait, remove it from the packaging, tie it to your line and make a cast. Everything should work as expected, right? Yeah, that’s generally how it goes; and as long as you’re selecting reputable products, you should expect reasonable teamwork between the piece that attracts a fish and the piece(s) that make them regret their mistake.[…]

Bass Fishing

Tackle the task

When it comes to fishing lures, the tool is only as effective as its delivery system. That’s why DeFoe takes great care in selecting the right tackle for his balsa crankbaits.[…]



When it comes to catching specks on the fly, November is as good as it gets. A combination of a light south wind and moving tide will make for a nice mess of trout.[…]


The growth of Nevalost

Roy Williams is the owner and producer of Nevalost LLC. His original company, Drafting Etc., was started in 1985 and focused on engineering drafting and technical drawings, with a little oilfield mapping as well.[…]