Must have gear

• Pop-up blind

Pop-up blinds are made of polyester fabric, which makes them lightweight. Most models fold down pretty small, so they’re able to be packed quite well. Setting them up takes only a few seconds. But take care to brush them in with surrounding vegetation. It’s best to brush the blind at least two weeks before you intend to hunt an area, but in a pinch you can hunt from the location that same day.

• Swivel chair

Skip the old school bucket and opt for a comfortable chair. It’s best to find a model that has a backrest to make those long days a little more comfortable. Also, one that swivels will make manuerving inside the blind much easier.

• Saw/shears

A quality saw and shears are must-haves when using a ground blind. These tools will make gathering nearby vegetation a breeze so that you can brush the blind. However, on public land, it may be illegal to alter natural vegetation by cutting it. Be sure to check the regulations on the particular parcel of land you’re hunting. If you’re unable to cut living limbs, use natural vegetation nearby. But the saw will still come in handy to trim them to the desired length.

• Scent killing spray

You should always follow a few steps to ensure you reduce your human odor when hunting whitetails. Keep a bottle of scent killing spray in your pack. Once you’ve opened up your blind, spray it down before brushing it. Then, spray your pack and clothes just for good measure.

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